Faxing Information

Our fax machine operates automatically. Follow the directions below to send your fax.
You dial our number directly on your fax machine.

If you dial our machine directly on your fax machine then the call will automatically be answered by our fax machine. Follow the instructions on your end and we will automatically receive your information.

If you dial on a telephone, wait for a signal, and push a button starting the fax machine, you must do the following:
If you have to place the call from a telephone, manually transmit the information by starting the fax machine, you will hear a beeping fax signal. At this time you should start to send your fax as per the instructions given on your fax machine.


1. Our fax number is 304-243-0449. Use the fax cover sheet enclosed with this information as the first sheet of information that you send.
2. Fax at least the following: 1) Entry Form 2) Publicity Form: 3) Home/School Phone Number Form.

NOTE: Please make a copy of one side of your entry form. This will allow you to send the complete entry form at one time.