Rapidly changing world developments affect every facet of American life. Our schools must teach students how to learn, how to discover new truths, and how to apply existing truths to new situations. Student interests must be stimulated and opportunities provided for exploration and expression of these interests.

Students must be able to read, speak, and write, as well as use numbers and symbols. They must know the fundamental concepts of the sciences and humanities if they are to participate some day in the decisions of political, social, and economic groups of the community. Students must have command of fundamental skills and understand that education is a continuous, life-long process. Students must have direct and indirect contact with the various alternatives available after graduation from high school. The total education of students is not confined to the school alone. Home and community each play an important role. While Wheeling Park High School has a primary obligation to teach students how to learn, we must stand ready to cooperate with home, institutions, and agencies concerned with the welfare and development of students.

In addition, Wheeling Park High School encourages civic organizations and lay citizens to take active interest in what occurs in the school. To meet the intellectual and social needs of an ever changing world, all students must be provided with a curricular balance. In order to accomplish this, we believe the following:

First, the school should be guided be the seven cardinal principles of education:
1. Health
2. Command of fundamental processes
3. Worth home membership
4. Vocation
5. Citizenship
6. Worthy use of leisure and ethical character

Second, the principles of the Programmatic Definition for Adolescent Education in West Virginia should be implicit in our philosophy:
1. To prepare each student to be a successful functioning member of society.
2. To develop proficiency in basic functional skills.
3. To gain the knowledge and skill required to function in our culture.
4. To provide for students' school experiences which develop civic responsibility.
5. To prepare for vocational avocational activities.

Third, we believe the following:
1. Education is a life-long process; therefore, the curriculum prepares students with skills for self- education
2. The students accept responsibility for their education.
3. The curriculum develops in the students respect for self and others and for their environment.
4. Participation in community school-related activities permits academic credit to be obtained.
5. Extracurricular programs provide training in life skills and are an integral part of the school.
6. All students have the right to participate in all school programs and activities.
7. Healthy interpersonal and intercultural attitudes are fostered.
8. The dignity and worth of the individual are important for a healthy school environment.
9. Creative and aesthetic abilities and interests are important.

Wheeling Park High School has been developed around a comprehensive plan which combines the academic and the vocational programs. Because we believe that the students should be provided with broad educational opportunities, this comprehensive plan allows them to participate easily with both programs. Students today must be accomplished in academic skills as well as vocational skills. The comprehensive plan facilitates the inter-relationship between both areas.

The vocational program provides the community with graduates who can successfully fill the job market with entry- level work skills in such areas as restaurant management, business, computer programming, medical assistance, automotive mechanics and body repair, facilities maintenance, building construction, graphic and commercial arts, electronics, and small engine repair.

A strong academic program provides special courses for the college- oriented student, as well as the student who plans to work after graduation. Because of our varied program, we can offer extensive academic development in the sciences, mathematics, social sciences, English, and foreign languages. Students are counseled and advised in order to help them choose the program best suited to their abilities and interests. A program based on academic achievement and preparation is provided in the lower school, with encompasses grades nine and ten, through honors, regular and exploratory elective classes.

In the upper school, grades eleven and twelve, students may begin to specialize in both academic and vocational studies. Core classes in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education allow students to fulfill their requirements. Other classes are then offered, such as Honors, AP, or college- level academics, special interest courses, and those which reinforce specific skills and allow students to develop their interests, abilities, and skills. Additionally, special individualized programs are offered to special needs students. These special needs students are afforded the opportunity to total school inclusion.

Supportive and related services such as speech therapy, audiology, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, a resource program and counseling supplement both regular and special needs instruction. Finally, an Adult and Community Education program provides opportunities for adults in the community to continue lifelong learning in familiar, comfortable settings. We believe that learning takes place not only in the classroom but in the community as well. Ultimately, the interaction among Wheeling Park High School teachers and students, within this holistic curriculum, creates a school environment which attracts, motivates, and satisfies students in our ever changing, global, and technological society.