Internet Usage warrants the availability of material that may not be considered to be of appropriate educational value.On a global network, it is impossible to restrict access to controversial materials.It is the responsibility of the student, parent, teacher, and administrator to ensure that access to telecommunications networks and computers provided by the educational system is not abused.


Computer usage is a privilege at Wheeling Park High School.Students are expected to use computers in a proper manner.Wheeling Park High School reserves the right to review any materials in a studentís account or home directory, as it deems necessary.


Penalties for MISUSE of the computer or the Internet will be applied according to the disciplinary procedures as set forth in the student handbook.This could include loss of computer privileges for a period of up to one year and restitution for any damage caused the computer and/or network, as well as possible prosecution.


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	By placing my signature on this document, I am confirming I have read, understand, and will abide by the use policies and guidelines noted.  I know that the WVDE, WVNET, and Wheeling Park High School DO NOT control the content of Internet networks.

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	I give my permission for my child to use computers and the Internet at Wheeling Park High School realizing that students using the Internet may access controversial or offensive material.  I understand that my child may use the Internet throughout the school year, as long as the procedures, policies, and guidelines are followed, and the child is a student in good standing with the school.

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