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2017 Drumline

Thank you to all that auditioned!

Please begin practicing your part.  We will begin rehearsing exercises and other music on Tuesday, June 13th from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  Bring your exercise packs with you to rehearsals.  Our clinic / rehearsal schedule is still the same, please refer to the schedule on the front of your exercise packet or the band calendar that is posted online.

Snare Drum

  1. C. Franko
  2. D. Barker
  3. F. Richter
  4. L. Pearson
  5. M. Ennis



  1. J. Henthorne
  2. V. Mazure

Bass Drum

  1. E. Rice (G above the staff)
  2. R. Boring (E in the space)
  3. K. Williams (C in the space)
  4. E. Williams (A in the space)
  5. B. Pearson (F in the space)
  6. L. Clune (F in the space)

Information in the parenthesis tells you which line you play.  All bass drums play the unison parts which are located on the middle or B line.


  1. A. Bell
  2. C. Vargo
  3. N. Kovalski
  4. N. Reardon
  5. S. Crow
  6. T. Albert-Siebieda